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Reduction of costs for cleaning, replacement and repair

Fleetshield’s self-adhesive films are easy to clean, and environmentally friendly. We can apply our products to virtually any surface, meaning that you can re-use it instead of replacing it. Our films also reduce the costs of repair, by reducing the amount of time that your material is out of operation.

Dirt and grime accumulates everywhere, even on Fleetshield films.
But the top layer of our films prevents dirt from leading to damage to your surface. The sub-surface remains clean and undamaged, giving you full protection against almost every outside influence. That makes our films an excellent opportunity to reduce cleaning costs.

They also help to reduce expenses for replacement and repair of interior walls and doors and exterior surfaces.
Apply our films and work towards a lower total cost of ownership for your material. An attractive goal to work towards!

Reduced cleaning costs

Your buses, trains, trams and metros have to look clean at all times. This requires regular cleaning, but cleaning activities can quickly become an expensive, labour-intensive task. That is especially the case if graffiti has had time to penetrate deep into the surface. Fleetshield films eliminate that risk. Dirt and paint cannot penetrate deeper than the top layer, which makes scrubbing or peeling unnecessary.

Plus, any cleaning activities can be performed on location, using environmentally friendly means. That makes your employees’ work much more pleasant.
In fact, our films fight dirt so well that you might even consider extending the cleaning cycle by a week. Doing so for all of your organisation’s vehicles would quickly result in a significant savings on cleaning expenses.

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Reduced replacement costs

Fleetshield films can be applied to any surface, even those that seem at first glance to be heavily worn. During our thorough preparations, we can sand or plaster over minor damage, then use the existing sub-surface. This makes it unnecessary to remove or replace damaged 

sections, eliminating the need for major investments in new walls, doors or other parts. Finally, covering the surface is much less time-consuming than replacing it entirely. That means your vehicles are only briefly out of operation. 

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Reduced repair costs

As long as a bodywork doesn’t have too much structural damage, our films can make repairs a quick and inexpensive process. A climate-controlled space like that needed for paint work is unnecessary.
Instead, repairs can be conducted at any covered location - or if 

necessary, under the open air. There is also no waiting time to let the paint dry. That means you can reassign your buses or rolling stock to operation very quickly. 

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