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Protection against graffiti, scratches and etching, splintering, chip stone damage and UV radiation

Graffiti, scratches and etching can damage and devalue your equipment. The same applies to splintering, stone chip damage and UV radiation. Fleetshield films can help keep your train, bus, tram or metro clean and protected. Almost all of our films are laminated, and thanks in part to the double layer they offer optimal protection against exterior damage. 

More and more public transport companies have recognised the value that films offer their organisations. The old concerns of shrinkage, black edges and bubbles have disappeared. Instead, public transporters discover how they can use films to revitalise their equipment in a sustainable manner. 

Interior and exterior look like new thanks to the film’s attractive appearance and protective characteristics, with considerably less maintenance than that involved in polishing, re-painting or even replacement. Fleetshield applications are therefore an investment in the future.

Protection against graffiti

Graffiti damages your material and image. It makes rolling stock and buses look dirty, which in turn affects your company’s reputation.
Like other materials available on the market, Fleetshield films do not repel graffiti, but they do have a top layer that ensures that the paint cannot penetrate. This top layer, which also offers optimal protection against UV radiation, makes it much easier to remove graffiti than if you would have to remove it from the vehicle’s paint.

Film makes time-consuming paint repair a thing of the past, not to mention the costs of spray painting in a separate paint cabin.
And thanks to an environmentally friendly cleaning fluid that quickly removes paint from the film, removing graffiti no longer requires polishing or scrubbing either. Your equipment is only out of circulation for a relatively short time, and when it returns to the rails or the road it looks brand-new.

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Protection against scratches and etching

Scratches and etching are an eyesore, whether they are on the interior or exterior of your equipment, inside tunnels under the station or on the platform. Scratches and etching make a surface look ugly and make your passengers and employees feel less safe, so discover the benefits of our high-quality protective film as an economical alternative to replacement. We polish the windows to remove any rough edges, then we apply our films using adhesive that has been specially developed to fill in imperfections in the glass.

Once the film has been applied, the vast majority of scratches and etchings disappear completely. Plus, the film offers complete protection against other outside influences, so your windows, interiors and exteriors stay attractive longer, which reduces the total cost of investment for your equipment. And it’s incredibly easy to replace the film when the time comes. The film can be removed without damaging the surface below, and we can generally apply a new layer of film within an hour.

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Protection against splintering

Terrorist attacks targeting public transport are unfortunately a fact of life today. This is a worrisome development that will undoubtedly make you question how you can transport travellers safely from A to B. Safety glass can help, because it breaks into tiny pieces when it splinters. But these miniscule particles can still present a risk, especially when they fly through a full bus or train car at high velocity.

Our protective window film can help prevent that from happening.
The film holds the glass together to keep it from flying through the compartment. And in an emergency, the window is even easier to remove, even if it is broken.
That is a reassuring thought - for you, for your employees and of course for your passengers.

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Protection against stone chip damage

At high speeds, even the smallest rock particle can cause stone chip damage. Lots of these tiny stones can add up to visible damage to the paint on your vehicles. Repairing that damage is expensive, not only for the cost of the paint itself, but also due to the time that your buses are out of operation for the repairs.

Fleetshield offers special films that prevent stone chip damage. It makes paint repair a thing of the past, not to mention the cost of replacing expensive windscreens. We provide films that seamlessly match the colours used by your organisation. But we can also apply transparent films to protect glossy new paint jobs. The choice is yours.

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Protection against UV radiation

Your trams, buses, metros or trains will shine as never before, zooming through the city or country equipped with the brightest colours, so it’s a pity when those beautiful colours begin to fade as time passes. Sunlight can make paint pale and fade, which lowers the value of your interiors, and especially your exteriors. Fleetshield films ensure that your material remains attractive for many years to come.

With a special top layer, our UV protection films offer optimal protection against UV radiation. This extends the service life of your rolling stock or buses, because they need not be taken out of circulation for repairs or refurbishing. Fleetshield’s UV protection films reduce operating costs and keeps your organisation looking good.
A win- win situation!

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