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Protection against graffiti, scratches and etching, splintering and UV radiation

Facades, walls, doors and windows: you naturally want to keep them looking good for as long as possible. But that can be a lot of work, especially with so many outside influences. Graffiti, scratches and etching damage a building’s appearance, as do splintering and UV radiation. Fleetshield films provide optimal protection against all of these sources of damage.  

Buildings have to endure a great deal of wear, year after year. Weather conditions take their toll, of course, but environments where many people come together suffer just as much as those that are only exposed to the elements. Hospital corridors and station halls can quickly become damaged, whether or not the damage was intentional

or not. With Fleetshield composite films, you can optimally protect your walls, doors, facades and windows against the full spectrum of wear. Expensive paint work, repairs or even replacement are a thing of the past. Instead, you can apply interior and exterior films, which also offer the option of every imaginable design.

Protection against graffiti

Graffiti can be a form of art, but not when it is applied to buildings or property without the owners’ permission. You no doubt want to clean or replace cladded doors, walls and windows as soon as possible after the incident. But cleaning or new paint are expensive - especially when they are unexpected expenses. Fortunately, there is an alternative, in the form of Fleetshield films. The film’s protective top layer ensures that the paint cannot penetrate to the surface, and makes it easy to remove.

Scrubbing or scraping is unnecessary; instead, Fleetshield offers an environmentally friendly cleaning fluid. The films also make it possible to give every space a new appearance in a flash. For proof, simply visit any number of NS train stations. We have installed false walls fitted with our film to the walls of several stations, some of which feature designs depicting fields of tulips or beautiful Dutch skies.
Good for protection against graffiti. And convincing examples of how films can influence desired behaviour and experience.

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Protection against scratches and etching

Your organisation prefers to offer visitors an environment in which they can feel safe and comfortable. So it is vital that you can prevent scratches and etching in walls, doors and windows using our high-quality protective films. Film is an affordable alternative to expensive replacement or repairs, and once it is applied it protects against almost all new wear and damage. And if the time comes to apply new film, it can be replaced in a very short time frame. When we apply our films to windows, we literally ‘round off’ the sharp edges.

With specially developed adhesive, we first fill in the irregularities in the surface, to eliminate virtually all of the old scratches and etches. Like walls and doors, once the film is applied to the window, it enjoys optimal protection against scratching and abrasion. Whichever surface you choose to protect: Fleetshield film will lower your maintenance costs. That makes it an investment that more than pays for itself.

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Protection against splintering

It is difficult to put a price on safety, especially in a time when terrorist attacks in public buildings are a realistic threat. You may already have taken some preventive measures, such as installing safety glass, which breaks into miniscule fragments when it splinters. But what happens

when those tiny fragments are projected into a space that is crowded with people? Fleetshield protective window film reduces the risk of such a situation, by holding the splintered glass together. That is a reassuring thought. For you, and for your visitors.

Protection against UV radiation

Bright sunlight is a plus in any building. However, that same sunlight can eventually cause furniture, doors and walls to fade over time. Few materials can withstand direct, harmful UV rays, but our UV protection film is one of them. The film reduces solar radiation by up to 57%, and contains no metal particles, so it does not impede reception of mobile telephone signals, for example. Our film also blocks up to 99% of UV

radiation, extending the service life of your interior and exterior. 
The effect was apparent during our project in the Rabobank headquarters in Utrecht. We applied 450 m2 of transparent film to the windows in order to protect an art exhibit. The 24 works of art on display suffered no impact from UV radiation, and the window film created an atmospheric glow over the installations.

Project examples
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