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Maintenance of glazing and interior

You naturally want to keep your facades, walls, doors and windows looking good for as long as possible. But what is the best option available? How can you avoid expensive renovations or unnecessarily costly repairs? Discover the benefits of our films to help maintain your facades, glazing and interiors. Facade covers, walls, doors and windows look as good as new in no time, and stay that way for many years to come.

Maintenance and repair of glass and interiors can be a major challenge. Damage and wear can impair your organisation’s image, but renovation and repairs would demand a large portion of your budget. 

So when you spend that money, you want to rest assured that you will see a return on your investment. Get to know the Fleetshield solutions. Our high-quality films protect glazing and interiors, add to the building’s service life, and help reduce your maintenance costs.

Maintenance of glazing

With Fleetshield glass film, you receive the optimal protection for the windows in your building. After application, our Scratchmask film covers 80 to 99% of the existing scratches and etching, and ensures that no new damage can occur. The risk of breakage is minimal, but in the event that the glass does fragments together. 

This can delay break, the film will hold all of the sharpbreak-ins, and offers a great deal more security.
That is a reassuring thought, as the possibility of a terrorist attack in a public building enters the realm of the possible.

Maintenance of interior

Fleetshield films are an attractive alternative to the renovation and maintenance of walls, facades and doors. Especially when you consider that the films not only protect, but also enhance the appearance. A good example of how that works is our project for the Jeroen Bosch Hospital in ‘s Hertogenbosch. We applied our film to two walls at the ER department to protect

against the many wheelchairs and beds that are pushed against the walls every day. The prints on the film are also eye-catching; step out of the lift at the ER department, and it seems as if you are at the bottom of a swimming pool. And when you walk through to the coffee bar, you see enormous goldfish swimming along the wall. 

Project examples
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