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Maintenance of body panels, glazing and interior

Your material is constantly exposed to the elements. And when it’s not in operation, it runs the risk of cladding with graffiti. Damage from scratches and etching are also a constant concern. With all of these risks and influences, it is vital that you maintain your vehicles’ body panels, glazing and interior as efficiently and sustainably as possible.

Trains, trams, metros and buses have to endure a great deal of wear. Daily use requires regular maintenance, and it is in your interest to do it as smart as possible. Fleetshield can help with specific applications and detailed recommendations.

Ask about our films for maintaining interiors and exteriors, and consider our window films, which can help realise considerable savings on your glazing costs.

Maintenance of body panels

The exterior of your vehicles is exposed to many weather conditions, including UV radiation. But cleaning and damage repair can also affect your exteriors. When fitted with our laminated films, your buses, trains, metros or trams can withstand anything nature has to throw at them. The film’s protective top layer ensures that weather conditions don’t have a chance against your vehicles. Plus, aggressive cleaning fluids are no longer necessary. And because repairs can be conducted quickly, you can benefit from lower costs due to downtime. Fleetshield can also take the maintenance of your body panels out of your hands.

Or we can train and certify your employees, so that they can take care of any repairs and maintenance themselves. Keep in mind, however, that our films cannot prevent the formation of rust.
Every bodywork must have an anti-corrosive layer before we can apply our films. We can provide detailed information about this issue, as well as the condition in which the surface must be prepared before the film can be applied. We would be happy to tell you more about supervising the pre-testing, before you choose the material to be applied. A good foundation is the key to success. And that certainly applies to the maintenance of a body panel.

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Maintenance of glazing

In public transport, windows are a common target of scratches and etching. Fortunately, you don’t have to replace every window that incurs minor damage. But what if the vandals carve racist texts or symbols into the windows? Your organisation’s policy in that case is probably to immediately take the vehicle out of operation, perhaps for a longer time period, because replacing windows is often a time-consuming job. Fleetshield’s Scratchmask window film can prevent that

situation from occurring. We polish the window, and then the film adhesive fills in any irregularities to cover 80% to 99% of the scratches. Moreover, the durable top layer of the film prevents new scratches from occurring.
If it is ever necessary to replace the window film, we can perform the pre-treatment on a 1.5 m2 window in around 30 minutes. After that, we need only 15 minutes to apply the film.

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Maintenance of the interior

Thousands of people use your vehicles every day. That causes wear and - perhaps unintentional - damage to the interior. Fortunately, you can keep your doors and walls looking like new with our high-quality protective films. The film meets the EN 45545 norm for fire protection for rolling stock. Once the film is applied, you will have to perform far less maintenance on the interior of your vehicles interior. 

The protective film makes cleaning a simple and environmentally friendly process, and saves time in the process. Fleetshield can also take the cleaning of your vehicles out of your hands when it is part of the applicatin process. Consider us orchestrator of your value chain. Or we can train and certify your employees, so that they can properly clean the vehicles themselves. 

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