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Influencing desirable behaviour and experience

Surprise the visitors and occupants of your building with Fleetshield film. Ingenious use of colour and a unique design add an extra experience to every space: from office conference rooms to school classrooms. And from the corridors of a hospital to the toilets of an event location.

Fleetshield films offer protection, decoration and durability. But they can offer much more. With a unique design, our films can make any space special. People will enjoy spending time there, feel at ease, or come up with creative ideas. Feel free to ask Fleetshield for a recommendation, based on the impact that every individual space has on the people who enter it. And understand how everyone can react differently, depending on their own personality or mood at the

moment. What it comes down to, is that we work together to develop a design with which you can surprise and inspire as many people as possible to display the desired behaviour.
Applying film involves much more than just sticking the product to the surface. It also involves attitudes, stereotypes, and expectations.
And those facets of the work interest us to no end. We’re certain that you’ll soon be as enthusiastic about them as we are.

Influencing desirable behaviour

You may have heard of the ‘broken window theory’. The idea is that where things look disorderly, more disorder will soon follow. This is in contrast to places that are clean, fresh and attractive. Take the toilets of ROC Nijmegen, for example. We applied black film to the walls and doors, featuring images of people playing sports. The stylish and cool atmosphere created a unique space, which, thanks to the absorbent film, is not accompanied with unpleasant odours.

People visiting the toilets find a fresh, lean space that makes people want to keep it clean. We find the topic of influencing desired behaviour to be immensely fascinating. We even work together with behavioural psychologists, and are familiar with the potential of this intriguing subject. Would you like to know how we can use that knowledge for the benefit of your organisation? Then don’t hesitate to call or send an e-mail.

Project examples

Influencing experience

Offer visitors and employees the best possible experience. Fleetshield would be happy to help, with films that surprise and inspire. We have already done that in the NS head office, where we applied films with landscapes and natural elements. We have also created atmospheric spaces in the De Die nursing home in Amsterdam. With designs that included a beach, woods and a field of tulips, our films offered the

elderly residents with dementia an atmosphere of calm familiarity. 
In addition to the walls, we also applied translucent films to the sliding doors in De Die. The wing is just as light and airy as it was before, but as our films are durable and easy to clean, the doors stay serviceable for much longer. The colours also hold their vibrancy for years, and the prints remain as sharp as the day they were applied.

Project examples
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