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Improving atmosphere, privacy and appearance

With Fleetshield films, you can kill several birds with one stone. Our products revitalise and protect buildings and make them more sustainable, but they also contribute to enhancing the atmosphere inside. They offer privacy where you want it, and improve the appearance in and around every building. Which of our films will you benefit from?

Buildings help people bring out the best in themselves when they offer everything the occupants need. The optimal interior atmosphere creates a pleasant and comfortable environment. Privacy offers the seclusion that is occasionally necessary in business and in life. 

And in an environment that exudes inspiration and motivation, the best ideas and successes will naturally rise to the surface.
With our films, we can help contribute to all of the conditions necessary for success. 

Enhanced atmosphere

Sunlight shining through the windows looks amazing. But what happens when that same sunlight causes the temperature to rise inside? With our solar protection film, you can let in plenty of sunlight while keeping out the heat. Fleetshield can also help you deal with unpleasant odours in sanitary spaces. 

Our odour-absorbent film can eliminate 80% of unpleasant odours in only 24 hours. By absorbing the odours, the film eliminates them entirely. And like all of our products, our odour-absorbent film can be applied quickly. Even when it is applied to tile surfaces.

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Enhanced privacy

Glass walls, windows and doors give any interior a spacious, open feel. That makes people feel at ease, and less ‘claustrophobic’. However, privacy can be welcome now and then. Fleetshield can apply translucent films to rooms, corridors and walls without impeding the transparency of the building. For example, in a project for technology firm TE Connectivity, we applied suitable visuals and glass film to the glass walls between the corridors and rooms.

But that wasn’t all. We also applied film to a wall in the reception area, with another augmented reality layer on top of it. And with film on the ceiling of the same reception area, we gave visitors the impression that they were looking outside.
In addition to enhanced privacy, the new films gave TE Connectivity a completely new way to influence experience.

Project examples

Enhanced appearance

The appearance of your building’s facade and interior is worth quite a bit. With Fleetshield’s film solutions, you can revitalise your building in style. Visuals and prints are portrayed at their best, in part because the top layer of our films are so durable. This is in contrast to standard 

solutions, such as large wall posters, which can easily be ripped or damaged. Fleetshield can apply film to parts of your interior or exterior facade. And like all of the other users of your building, you can enjoy the building or room’s entirely new appearance. 

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