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Enhancing appearance

Dirt and damaged paint, faded colours: you would rather not have to think about the maintenance backlog for your trains, buses, trams and metros. So why not ask Fleetshield about our affordable alternative to expensive paint work?
Our films will make your vehicles shine like new, and give them an attractive appearance for years to come.

Your organisation differentiates itself from the competition through safe and comfortable transport. Helpful and expert personnel give their all for your customers every day, so it seems a pity when your equipment’s appearance lags behind. With Fleetshield films, you can counteract the influences of worn and faded paint. After our films are applied, trains, buses, metros and trams look just like new. And they stay that way for a very long time.

Enhanced appearance

Intensive use of your material will naturally cause wear and tear. Sunlight will fade the colours of your exterior and make it less appealing. It can also cause the paint to chalk, which gives dirt and

grime more openings to accumulate. At that point, you have the choice of performing regular, labour-intensive maintenance, or you can choose an affordable and sustainable alternative, such as our films. We can usually apply them in less than one day, after which the vehicle looks as if it has a new coat of paint.

The enhanced appearance is visible almost immediately. But perhaps more importantly: your vehicles will continue to look good for much longer. Measurements indicate that our films retain 70% of their gloss after eight years, with almost no change to the colour. Moreover, the protection against graffiti and other dirt remains optimal, even after eight years of service.  

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