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Influencing desirable behaviour and experience

Passengers expect you to bring them to their destinations safely and in comfort. But you know better than most that travel is more than just getting to your destination. Passengers want to actually enjoy peace and quiet when they travel in the silence section. But when they travel with their children, they want to make the journey a festive occasion. Our films can help contribute to providing both experiences.

When you think of the benefits of films, you probably think first of the improved appearance and protection for your material. Or perhaps you think of the cost savings for replacement, cleaning or repair.
But what about influencing the passengers’ desirable behaviour and experience? A picture is worth 1,000 words. And we would be happy to prove that with our films. Our films take advantage of the ‘cue power’ that is present in every space, and which has an impact on 

behaviour and experience. We are familiar with the effect of almost every colour, and we know which images stimulate desired behaviour.
That knowledge enables us to look beyond simply applying films to a surface. In fact, by the time we apply the film, we have already completed an exhaustive process that takes people, their surroundings and their behaviour into consideration. And we can think of few combinations that fascinate us more.

Influencing desirable behaviour

Libraries are as silent as a mouse. When you have to talk in a library, you do so in a whisper to fit into the surroundings. The same effect is visible when you use a specific design on one of our films.
For example, we applied one of our films in the silence section of an NS train showing an image of a long row of books.
Experience has shown that passengers sitting next to the film automatically associate it with a library, and adjust their behaviour accordingly.

Fleetshield works closely with behavioural psychologists in order to influence the desirable behaviour and experience in the environment in which we apply our films. We can therefore apply our findings to the interior of your material, or we can apply specific images to the exterior in order to prevent people from cladding it with graffiti, for example. Influencing behaviour is a fascinating subject, and we’ve learned quite a bit about it over the years, so don’t hesitate to ask us for advice!

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Influencing experience

Travel is supposed to be safe, but it can also be a pleasant, fun experience, and naturally you want people to experience it as such. Plus, what is a better calling card for your organisation than satisfied, and especially happy passengers? With the Fleetshield films, you can influence that experience. Unique designs on our films help people experience that they are travelling in a clean and safe environment. 

And you can do so from the moment they set foot in the station. Moreover, anyone who has ever travelled with children knows how much they enjoy travelling in the train, bus, tram or metro.
With a unique, cheerful design on our films, we can make a major contribution to their fun travel experience.  

Project examples
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