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Adding identification

Imagine what would happen if passengers were to miss an important marking, or if visually impaired travellers cannot read a vital message. You definitely wish to avoid hazardous situations, much less emergencies. Leave nothing to chance; together with Fleetshield you can comply with the strictest requirements and conditions for identification.

Every car or bus must have a license plate, and the same applies to trains, trams and metros. Your vehicles must be recognisable if you wish to use them in service. 

Vehicle numbers are one method for doing so, as are applying logos and your organisation’s house style. But you also want to warn passengers using signs and markings to show the way for wheelchairs or bicycles. It all comes down to identification, and with Fleetshield’s many applications, you can rest assured that your passengers cannot miss it.

Logos, symbols and indicators

At Fleetshield, we know the requirements that your equipment must meet before it is put into operation. Our identification services therefore go far beyond simply pre-treating and application of films. First, we determine all of the requirements that you must meet, and present a detailed recommendation based on that inventory. Then we produce and apply the identification in whatever form is required. 
Logos, symbols and indicators: together we ensure that the right message - and only the right message - is communicated at the right place and time.

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