Film applications for public transport


Chain Manager

At Fleetshield, we look beyond the services we offer ourselves. We understand that our services are just part of a much larger process within your organisation, and we know that good coordination is vital for the smooth conduct of that process. That is why we also act as your projectmanager to support you with the structural management and maintenance of film-related issues.

There is a reason behind all of your decisions. You need the optimal return on your investments. You need to balance your short-term and long-term interests. And you need to make sure everything fits in your schedule. Fleetshield understands your considerations, and assumes responsibility for your success. We act as a director, managing the preparation, cleaning and eventual application of the film. We also ensure that the work is performed flawlessly and according to schedule. In short, we can take all of the work of process management out of your hands, constantly working to guarantee that everything we do fits seamlessly into your complete process.

Film management and maintenance

In addition to process management, Fleetshield can also help with all

of your film-related management and maintenance issues. We can inventory the wear damage to our products, inspect the condition of our films and schedule inspections when most convenient to with you.
You might not always have time in your day-to-day operations for structural management and maintenance. That is unfortunate, considering the added value that they provide. Structural inspections and resources allocated to maintenance help prevent devaluation, and early investments save money in the long run compared to the costs of repairs.
We work with you to prepare for the future, in order to ensure that you enjoy the optimal benefits of our applications.

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