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25 March 2020coronavirus.jpg
25 March 2020


Dear customer/supplier,

Due to the current COVID-19 circumstances our response might take a bit longer than usual.

In the unlikely situation of less accessibility by phone (due to limited direct line possibilities), please try again after a few minutes or send us an email please.

Thank you for understanding.

17 March 2020coronavirus.jpg
17 March 2020

Corona News

Dear Sir / Madam,

I am sure that you are more than aware of the crisis the Europe (and the rest of the world) is facing.
The impact on social life, care institutions and business is beyond what we could have imagined. We can see and read about the situation Europe wide. The Netherlands is facing similar restrictions.
Fleetshield has taken precautions and is strictly following governmental restrictions and guidelines. The consequence is that we will be limited in some of our activities. Part of our staff is restricted and is asked to work from home. Of course we will do everything possible to make the impact on our business as small as possible.
Unfortunately some things will be out of our control or reach. 
We have cancelled all our external meetings, visits and visits from external partners and suppliers. Our next step is to reschedule meetings and change them to telecon or videoconferences.
Unfortunately not all subjects can be discussed or reviewed in detail this way and may need additional consultation.

Thank you in advance for understanding and if there are any questions please contact us on +31-347-366766 or

15 April 2019FLEETSHIELD_Thalys 2019.jpg
15 April 2019

Thalys announces start of The Tour de France.

Did you know that The Tour de France will start in Brussels this year. ‘Le Grand Depart’ will be on July 6. #EddyMerckx ,a Belgian cyclist and five times winner of the Tour de France, welcomed the special #Thalys train on March 28th and placed his signature on the train.


15 April 2019Graffiti symposium.jpg
15 April 2019

Graffiti Symposium 22 May 2019

Date Wednesday 22 May 2019
Time 13.00 - 17.30 hours
Location 'Het oude magazijn', Soesterweg 310F, 3812 BH Amersfoort, The Netherlands
Symposium website

Fleetshield & Railforum are organising a graffiti symposium on 22 May in collaboration with Fleetshield. Various international speakers give a presentation about the origin of graffiti; the subcultures including crime; programs for discouragement; graffiti tourism in Europe and the effects on social security. Naturally we don't  skip the Dutch approach. All presentations are given in English.

Fore more information about the programme and speakers please visit the website of the Symposium

Foto Paul Murphy (Unsplash)

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