Film applications for public transport and buildings





At Fleetshield, we aren’t afraid to go off the beaten paths. We do things just a bit differently, especially when doing so would result in a better solution. For example, we were the first company in the Netherlands to apply strips of film horizontally to train cars. And in 2006, we were the ones who dared to package NS trains horizontally using printed strips. And we did so with the guarantee that they would adhere seamlessly, retain their colour and facilitate spotless cleaning. The trains were intended to run for three years after the film was applied. But it turned out to be much longer: we only removed the film from the last train car almost 10 years after it went into service.

Thanks to our passion for innovation, Fleetshield is considered to be the leading expert in film applications for public transport and buildings. Since our founding in 2001, our results have set the tone for the entire industry. That involved a degree of calculated risk to our reputation, but always with the client’s needs in mind. In the end, it’s not about our products - although we naturally stand behind everything we do.

Transparency, we love it

Our focus on the client’s needs makes us involved. We are driven during each phase of the project, and we constantly strive for the best in both the functional and visual aspects. And we are always open for input, whether from our client or from our partners. That’s transparency, and we love it, because we understand that it is the only way to come to the optimal solution for our client.

ISO 9001:2015 Certified

You have your business in order internally, so you naturally expect the same from the partners with whom you work. Fleetshield offers that degree of certainty, with the ISO 9001:2015 norm for quality management systems.

We have the certifications you require to prove that our internal processes are in order. Regardless of whether it deals with delivery, registration, preparation or archiving. We have also distributed our knowledge throughout the organisation. Our expertise is not in one person’s head; rather, it is properly documented and available at any time. That way, you can rest assured that our knowledge will never be lost.

We work safely. Always, and everywhere

Safety comes before everything else. So naturally, you enforce your safety rules on your work floor. We thoroughly familiarise ourselves with your safety regulations before we start work for you. Everything starts with a safety plan, which we discuss with you in detail before we begin preparation or application. Our staff follow the checklist of safety requirements, and are VCA certified.
And best of all, our applications contribute to the safety within your organisation as well. Our films can upgrade a station or other public environment in no time.
That way, we can contribute to influencing desirable behaviour and experience. And we can help enhance the feeling of safety among passengers and users.

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