Film applications for public transport and buildings

Fleetshield gives new life to public transport rolling stock. Our films offer long-term protection for trains, trams, buses and metros, and significantly reduce maintenance costs. They also provide new or temporary enhancements to the vehicle’s appearance, for example during events. And don’t forget about influencing desirable behaviour and experience.
Our films for public transport protect and enhance. That makes them multifunctional, and the ideal solution for countless applications.

Your material transports thousands of passengers through wind and weather every day. That is your organisation’s core business, although the regular maintenance needed requires huge efforts and major investments. Whether it is stone chip damage, UV radiation, etched or scratched windows or graffiti on the chassis; repair or replacement is expensive and consumes a significant portion of your budget.
For that reason alone, our double-laminated films would be an attractive alternative. Graffiti is easy to remove, UV rays cannot reach the colour, and scratches and etching of windows is a thing of the past. Our films make trains, buses, trams and metros look better - and keep them that way. And that can make a major difference, especially over the long term.

Which film is right for your needs?

Our films offer much more than just protection, however. Consider the silence sections aboard trains, for example. Thanks to our print design featuring bookshelves, travellers feel as if they are in a library.
The result: a train compartment where people actually stay quiet.
But what about passengers travelling aboard your rolling stock with their children? Cheerful prints can make their journey a truly exciting experience. 
Our products also improve safety, enhance appearances and make identification markings more visible. It all comes down to the fact that our films offer solutions for every purpose. So please don’t hesitate to ask us about them!

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