Film applications for public transport and buildings

Film applications for buildings

Improving atmosphere, privacy and appearance

Influencing desirable behaviour and experience

Protection against graffiti, scratches, etching, splintering, UV rays

Maintenance of glazing and interior

The maintenance and management of buildings requires considerable effort. Think of what it takes to remove graffiti from a wall. Or scratches and etching from a window. Repair and replacement is labour-intensive and can become a serious cost post. And once your building is looking new again, you still run the risk of incurring new damage in time. Discover what our films can do to help. They offer long-term protection, repel paint and scratches and block harmful UV rays.

The protection they offer to buildings makes our films a worthwhile long-term investment. But they offer so much more. Which space would make you feel most comfortable? Sitting between dark, grey walls, or being in a room where let’s say fields of tulips seem to illuminate the space?

Fleetshield films can influence the desired behaviour and experience in your building. They can even absorb odours. A nice little touch when decorating toilet facilities.

Applications for every purpose

Fleetshield films can protect glass and interiors for quite some time, and they enhance the atmosphere, privacy and the building’s appearance. Fleetshield offers a wide range of solutions, and we would be happy to consult with you to find the film that seamlessly fits the purpose you aim to achieve. And it’s incredibly easy to replace the film when the time comes. Eventually. Years later. Simple, fast and efficient. Your investment in our films will more than pay for itself. Which application do you have in mind?

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