Film applications for public transport


Anti scratch film

Anti scratch film

Applying anti scratch film for public transport is a great way to increase the economic lifespan of your trains. Anti scratch film can be applied to the train's interior and exterior. When applied to the train's interior, it protects it from scratches and dirt caused by intensive use. This protects the interior and improves the aesthetic of the train carriage. It also provides a safe and comfortable traveling environment. On the exterior of the train, anti scratch film is an easy solution for damage caused by stone chipping, splinters, and other causes of damage. The anti scratch film for trains and other rolling stock can also be applied on brand-new trains to prevent damage to the exterior, including the windows of the train.

Anti scratch film for public transportation

Anti scratch film for public transportation is not only very beneficial for trains, but it can also prevent damage and deterioration in all sorts of public transportation. Anti scratch film can be applied as scratch repair for the metro, for example. Metro’s often ride underground in dirty environments. Stones and other debris might easily fall to the train tracks and cause damage to the exterior of the train cars. Furthermore, the metro is the most intensively used public transportation, as they usually ride every few minutes. Therefore, it is inevitable to find scratches on the interior of the train car. Anti scratch film for metro can prevent such scratching and refurbish the inside of the metro to stimulate wanted behavior and refurbish the trains to create a better vehicle appearance.

Buses usually carry commercial stickers which have to be replaced often. Our anti scratch film for buses is easy to apply and remove, while simultaneously providing protection from scratching and increasing their lifespan. Furthermore, our anti scratch film for buses can be used to create a foil brand standard for buses, which may attract more customers.

Fleetshield: the anti scratch film specialist

Anti scratch film for public transportation is a durable and sustainable way to refurbish damaged trains. Anti scratch film application makes trains look like new and protects the train cars from damage. With anti scratch film, the economic lifespan of the train will be increased by at least eight years. The anti scratch film has adhesive strength but is still easily removable and reusable.

Fleetshield is an anti scratch film specialist. We carefully research and apply our anti scratch film for vehicle appearance, making us a true expert in our field. An in-house study has shown that our film increases the vehicle appearance drastically as our film still has 70% of its shine after eight years. The high protective value of our scratch repair for public transportation can protect against scratches, making trains and other rolling stock much less viable for deterioration caused by dirt, stone chipping, splintering, and graffiti. Your metro, trains, or buses will have optimal protection with our anti scratch film for public transportation.

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