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27 října 20225F453B70-65D9-4B2D-99DB-85FC97876AED.jpeg
27 října 2022

Thesis presented at University of Twente

Yesterday was a special day. We congratulated our graduation intern Ellen Siebers who successfully presented and defended her Master Thesis 'LCA of film as part of the conservationsystem on trains:
Current and future scenarios.'
It presents the results of the (prospective) life cycle assessment (LCA) conducted for Fleetshield to answer two main questions:
1. Is a train’s conservation system with film better for the environment than a conservation system with only paints?
2. What is the best direction for the future when looking at the environmental impact of film?
To answer the first question, a life cycle assessment (LCA) was carried out to compare the conservation system of a train without film, to the conservation system including film.
The results of this LCA are very promising. To answer the second question, scenario modeling was used and Ellen created an interactive tool especially for Fleetshield to be able to offer a frame of reference in the discussion about future directions. 
The diploma was presented to her by Prof.Dr.Ir. L.A.M. van Dongen, professor Maintenance Engineering and chairman of the Department of Design, Production and Management at the University of Twente with whom Fleetshield has maintained excellent contact for many years. We thank #NSand #3M for their cooperation and the faculty team 'Engineering Technology' from Twente University for their continuous support. We are very proud of Ellen and we wish her a very successful future career.#DecisionMaking #Railway #AssetManagement #Engineering #LifeCycle #environment #conservation #costsaving #branding #sustainability #wastemanagement #environmental #watermanagement #continuousimprovement #film #thesis #executiveboard#graduation

29 listopadu 2021CAF.jpg
29 listopadu 2021

CAF Inneo metro units for the city of Amsterdam

Fleetshield ‘wraps’ the ex- and interior with special protective film.

LinkedIn Post


11 listopadu 2021Renovatie Ruby - Thalys.jpg
11 listopadu 2021

RubY Behind the scenes - In the heart of the renovation


15 září 2021European year of Rail 2021
15 září 2021

The Connecting Europe Express!

Bringing Connecting Europe Express to life!

The journey from making an inventory in eight European countries to realisation of wrapped trains that will pass 26 member states and a 100+ cities Watch the video


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1 září 2021

The Connecting Europe Express!

We are working hard to make sure the CEE will be ready to go ‘on tour’. 26 countries in 36 days! What a journey!

In Paris (NCF), Madrid (Renfe), Vienna(OBB) coaches have been finished already. Last week we finalise the DB(German Railways), MAV ( Hungarian Railways), FS (Italian Railways) coaches in Zürich! And in September we will complete the CEE with the ‘Baltic train’ from LTE in Vilnius.

Connecting Europe Express

24 dubna 2021OV.jpg
24 dubna 2021

Anti-microbial foil in Public Transport

This article gives good insight on how an authority on traveller behaviour (dr Mark van Hagen) sees opportunities to regain trust of travellers in Public Transport by implementing our Promax anti-microbial foil.

The future of train traveller behaviour: Lessons from Rail Tec Europe

Please contact us for our anit-viral products.

Mail: info@fleetshield.nl or calll. 0347-366766

15 dubna 2019FLEETSHIELD_Thalys 2019.jpg
15 dubna 2019

Věděli jste, že letošní ročník Tour de France začne v Bruselu.

Věděli jste, že letošní ročník Tour de France začne v Bruselu. „Le Grand Depart“ se uskuteční 6. Července 2019. #EddyMerckx, belgický cyklista a pětinásobný vítěz Tour de France, přivítal 28. března speciální vlak #Thalys, na který následně umístil svůj podpis.

15 dubna 2019Graffiti symposium.jpg
15 dubna 2019

Graffiti Symposium 22 May 2019

Date Wednesday 22 May 2019
Time 13.00 - 17.30 hours
Location 'Het oude magazijn', Soesterweg 310F, 3812 BH Amersfoort, The Netherlands
Symposium website http://www.railforum.nl/programma/graffiti-symposium-impact-en-preventie

Fleetshield & Railforum are organising a graffiti symposium on 22 May in collaboration with Fleetshield. Various international speakers give a presentation about the origin of graffiti; the subcultures including crime; programs for discouragement; graffiti tourism in Europe and the effects on social security. Naturally we don't  skip the Dutch approach. All presentations are given in English.

Fore more information about the programme and speakers please visit the website of the Symposium http://www.railforum.nl/programma/graffiti-symposium-impact-en-preventie

Foto Paul Murphy (Unsplash)

29 listopadu 2017TV Fragment.jpg
29 listopadu 2017

Fleetshield v České televizi

<p>Po vítězství ve výběrovém řízení na aplikaci opravných a ochranných okenních fólií společnost Fleetshield od poloviny roku 2017 provádí renovaci a ochranu vozového parku tramvají Dopravního podniku Ostrava, a.s. Vzhledem k efektivitě a značným úsporám dosaženým díky tomuto řešení se naší technologii ve své reportáži podrobněji věnovala i Česká televize. Videa se živými vstupy a rozhovory Vám zde dáváme k dispozici.</p> <p><a href="http://www.ceskatelevize.cz/ivysilani/1096902795-studio-6/217411010111127-studio-6-ii/obsah/584397-dopravni-podnik-proti-vandalum">http://www.ceskatelevize.cz/ivysilani/1096902795-studio-6/217411010111127-studio-6-ii/obsah/584397-dopravni-podnik-proti-vandalum</a></p> <p><a href="http://www.ceskatelevize.cz/porady/10101491767-studio- ct24/417231100240050/">http://www.ceskatelevize.cz/porady/10101491767-studio- ct24/417231100240050/</a></p>

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